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Next contest: CQWWDX-CW 2023 Contest, Callsign: HA3JB


My name is Gabor Kutasi, I live in Siofok city. Licensed in 1982 ( HA3JB ). I work on CW, RTTY, SSTV, PSK31, SSB. Station setup: HF - RX/TX ICOM IC 756 PROII and IC 7000, ICOM AT 180 antenna tuner.

Antenna Spiderbeam / 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 Mhz. WARC band GP/10, 18, 24 Mhz/ G5RV dipol and YAESU G-800SA antenna rotors.

Was work in a lot of expedition. Was very nice expedition in Egypt, SU8BHI and SU/HA3JB. I made new World, Africa, Zona, Egypt record and
"ten # 1 World, and five # New World Record. Many thaks for a lot of friends who give help for me. Ministry of Foreign Affars, Ambassador, H.E Tibor Peto, H.E Peter Kveck, e.g.: Ezzat SU1ER ( Silent key ), Ali HA3LI, Tomi HA4DX, Laci HA0HW, Jeno HA5FA (Silent key), Gyuszi HA2VR, Con DF4SA.

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